How Often to Change Whole House Water filter?

The whole house water filtration system is pretty important as it purifies the water you’re drinking and using in your regular life.


It keeps the water pure and fresh. This reduces any disease from the water. Besides, in some filters, there is a filtration facility for hard water that reduces the chances of dirt and grime from your skin and hair.

Now, whole house water filter maintenance and care are pretty important. You need to be careful about this.

When it comes to taking proper care of your whole house water filtration system, you may ask, How often to change the whole house water filter?

Well, the answer is pretty tough because changing the filter doesn’t mean changing one thing only.

Sounds confusing?

Well, there are several layers in a filtration system. Over time, the filters become weak. Dirt and debris start to take place, and sometimes, the filters are totally clogged. These are vital issues, and to prevent these, you need to change the filters over time.

In this article, we’re going to talk about What happens if you don’t change your whole house water filter & all the stuff related to this.

How often to change whole house water filter?

When it comes to changing the whole house water filter, we’d like to go through three different types of filters that require changing or maintaining over time. Those are sub-micron post-filter, sediment pre-filter, and Iron filter.

How often do water filters need to be changed? The lifespan of these 3 types is different from each other. But on average, While changing the water filter is usually going to be fine for basic cleaning practice, the recommended lifespan is around three to six months. Of course, this does depend on the specific type of water filter, brands & much more.

Changing the Submicron Post Filter time

There are different types of microscopic particles in water. The main task of a sub-micron post-filter is to make sure that your water is free of these particles like harmful protozoa. Some water filtration system doesn’t have a sub-micron filter installed as it’s optional. But having it installed is a plus point and pretty necessary as well.

How often to change sediment water filter?

Some people are sure of their water sources as they think their water doesn’t contain these microscopic things. But having it installed is a wise decision overall. However, the expected lifespan of this sub-micron post-filter is in between 9-12 months. So, it’s recommended that you change your sub-micron post-filter after every 9 months.

Changing the pre sediment filter time

The pre sediment filter is found on almost every filtration system. It’s the most common type of filter. What it does is catches the sediments and remove them from your water. It makes the water smooth and safe to use for any kind of task. Having the pre sediment filter is essential.

Still confused?

This one is claimed to be the primary stage of every water filtration process.
However, the pre sediment filter gets clogged over time. It catches different dirt and debris and holds them tight that makes them clogged. It is recommended to change the pre sediment filter every 4 months of use. It may vary if you buy a long-lasting and durable one.

Changing the iron filter time

The iron filter smoothens the water flow and keeps it at a level. When your iron filter is clogged, you may notice different water flow issues. Besides, you can see slow water flow, which is a sign of corrosion. This indicates that your iron filter has gone bad.

After noticing anything like this, you need to change the iron filter as soon as possible. Usually, the lifespan of an iron filter is 6-8 months.

But wait,wait………….

There’s one more type. That’s a carbon filter. If your filtration system has a carbon filter installed, you need to change the carbon filter every 12 months.

All the time duration here are approximate and average. These are not exact. The lifespan and durability of different filters vary.

How long does a whole house water filter last?

The lifespan varies from model to model. You can’t determine the changing period by time. Be concerned about a few things. Like,

How’s your water. How many minerals and sediments does your water container. What it’s filtering, actually.

  • Your regular life water usage. How much you need on a regular basis.
  • The quality of your filters. What capacity filters you’re using, and what’s the size for those.
  • These are different criteria for changing your whole house water filter. If you buy large-capacity filters with a high lifespan, they’ll last longer. Besides, if your water is pretty clean, your filter will last longer. If you’re using less amount of water, your filter will last longer.

How to tell when water filter needs replacing?

If there is an unpleasant odor, there is time to replacing the water filter. Pre sediment filters last 3-6 months. At the same time, post filters and carbon filters last more than one year usually.

How much does a whole home water filtration system cost?

The whole house filtration system is a bit high priced and costs more. However, the cost depends on what you’re buying and what capacity filter you’re taking. There are different stages and filters for a whole house filtration system.

Are whole house water filters worth it? If you choose to buy all of them with a preferred capacity and all of them are good quality filters, your cost will be nearly 700$. But the estimated overall cost depends on various things. It’s between 300$ to 1000$ approximately.

Bonus tips: Whole house water filter maintenance

There’s no specific maintenance that’ll increase the lifespan of your water filter magically. But, there are some specific activities that can boost up a little of your water filter system durability. Among them, the best one is to use a water softener.

Hardwater is a major issue in some areas, and when you filtrate hard water with your filtration system, it gets clogged pretty quickly. To prevent this issue, you can use a water softener.

What happens if you don’t change your whole house water filter?
Keeping the water usage at a minimum keeps your filtration system durable. It’s important that you use water from a clean source. Water full of dirt and debris will make your filter clogged easily.

How long does a whole house carbon water filter last?

I could say 2 to 6 months is the safe zone for carbon water. One other thing that must be checked regularly is the condition of the filters. You need to change them over time. They get clogged and jammed overuses. Different types of filters have different changing periods.


So, these are the most common times for changing your whole house water filter.

So how often should I change my whole house water filter?

Everything has a lifespan, and so do the water filters. You need to change them over a certain period. Different types of filters have different lifespans.

Make sure your filter is good. Replacing your filter is a must when you notice any kind of change. Purified clean water is essential for us. So, taking care of the filtration system is important.

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