Do water dispensers need to be cleaned?

Learn How to Clean Hot Water Dispenser

with Easy Tips and Tricks to sanitize your dispenser

Such an energy-efficient kitchen appliance!

Yeah, talking about Hot water dispensers………..

And the best part?

The mechanism of the hot water dispenser is pretty basic.

They are made for boiling water up to 90 degrees Celsius. There are basically 2 kinds of water boilers or dispensers. One type comes up with just a hot water feature, and another one has both hot and cold water features.

Both of these types are good and suitable for different purposes. They come in variable shapes and sizes as well. In addition, different models use different materials for their lifespan and durability.

When it comes to cleaning the hot water dispenser, many people think it’s a complicated task to deal with.

But the truth is………..

Cleaning the hot water dispenser is pretty simple. You just need to follow some steps and a few precautions as the cleaning method varies from the dispenser to dispenser.

We’re going to share how to clean a hot water dispenser with some easy steps in this article. We’ll show you everything step by step to make it easier.

So, let’s get started from here!

How to Clean Hot Water Dispenser (Interior, Exterior, & reservoir)

As I mentioned before…………

Cleaning the hot water dispenser is pretty easy. You can clean it with your regular life products and keep it safe always.

However, cleaning the water dispenser has 3 primary steps. Those are, cleaning the outside/exterior of the hot water dispenser, cleaning the reservoir of the hot water dispenser, and finally, cleaning the inside of the hot water dispenser.

All these stages of cleaning have different steps. Let’s take a look at those.

Cleaning the exterior of the hot water dispenser

  1. The first thing you need to do is unplug the water dispenser as it runs with electricity. When it’s unplugged, take dishwasher soap and rugged cloth for cleaning.
  2. Take 0.75 liters of clean water and dissolve your dishwasher solution into it.
  3. When the dissolving is done, dip the rag you brought.
  4. Clean the exterior with the dipped rag clearly. Try to avoid any bleach cleaning solution for this. If you see any spot on the exterior, rub that spot more for better cleaning.
  5. When cleaning is done with the solution, bring another rag or paper napkin to dry clean the exterior. Wipe the wet parts If you left any soap solution there.
  6. Now, dry the exterior. Just leave it there or use a dryer if you’re in a rush.
  7. If your exterior comes up with a stainless steel finish, don’t forget to give it a polish for making it shine like new.

That’s it.

You’re done with the exterior!

Cleaning the reservoir of hot water dispenser

Cleaning the reservoir is important. Many users don’t do it, but it’s essential. Cleaning the reservoir is straightforward and pretty simple. Below are some common steps for cleaning the reservoir.

  1. Turn off and unplug the machine properly. Leave it there for an hour at least to cool down properly.
  2. Now, take off the bottle or water jar if your dispenser is containing one. If there’s water in the bottle, make sure you capped it.
  3. After that, pull up the glass reservoir straight. Most of the models allow you to do it. Yet, some models don’t come up with this feature. Pulling up the reservoir requires removing the filter and the collar as well.
  4. Now, use a regular dishwasher solution or light bleach solution to clean the hot water dispenser. If you can’t remove the reservoir, clean the inside of it while it’s attached. Now, rinse it with clean water a few times and set it back there carefully.

It’s easier than you think,right? Let’s jump into the next step.

Cleaning the inside of hot water dispenser or descaling

Now, this step isn’t required if you’re done with the reservoir properly.

In many cases, the reservoir is the main interior of your hot water dispenser. Yet, there are some parts that require descaling, such as the spout.

How do you descale a hot water tank? To descale your hot water dispenser…….

  1. Rinse the interior first after unplugging and cooling it down.
  2. Take the descaler and water solution and pour it into the hot water dispenser.
  3. Plug the machine and run a boiling cycle.
  4. When boiling is done, use the spout to drain some water.
  5. After that, drain all the water and rinse it with regular clean water.
  6. To make everything like previous, run a boiling cycle with pure, clean distilled water.

That’s it. Your hot water dispenser interior is cleaned now!

How do I clean the inside of my hot water dispenser?

There are several descaling products and solutions available on the market that are pretty helpful for cleaning or descaling water dispensers.

Do water dispensers need to be cleaned?

When you’re thinking of cleaning the inside of your hot water dispenser, you need to go through a few steps. Let’s discuss those steps here!

  1. First, fill the dispenser with regular clean water. When the filling is done, run a boiling cycle.
  2. After boiling the water inside the machine, open the lid and add the required solution to the water. These solutions are basically come up with a blend of citric acid.
  3. After adding the solution to the water inside the dispenser, run another boiling cycle.
  4. Now, drain the water by using the spout there. You can also pull up the lid and drain everything straightly at once.
  5. Now, rinse and clean the interior with regular clean water.

To avoid any kind of taste issues, run a whole boiling cycle with regular water once. It’ll help.

How to clean the water boiler with vinegar?

Vinegar is found in your regular life as it’s important for kitchen activities.

However, vinegar is pretty helpful when it comes to cleaning any part or descaling that. You can find vinegar anywhere you want. They are cheap as well. To clean your water boiler with vinegar, you need to mix it properly.

  • First, unplug your machine and let it cool down properly.
  • When it’s cooled properly, rinse all the water inside.
  • Now, fill the ½ vinegar and ½ water solution inside the water boiler. You have to maintain the ratio of vinegar and water.
  • Let it sit there for at least 1.5 hours.
  • Now, drain the solution and run a boiling cycle with clean water.
  • When the boiling is done, drain all the water.
  • Rinse and clean your water boiler with regular water a few times.

It’s done!

Wondering How to clean hot water dispenser with citric acid? For cleaning with citric acid, you need 1 cup of citric acid & hot water. Now pour the mixer on the dispenser. And press the start button.

How do I clean my electric water dispenser?

Cleaning your electric water dispenser is pretty essential. Water is necessary for our regular life, and when it comes to water for drinking, you have to be very careful. When you’re using a water boiler, you may end up having a scaled boiler interior.

Water is a mineral element, and it comes up with different things in it. So, when you boil water, there are chances that a little build-up is being raised inside your water boiler. This can be from magnesium, potassium, and other mineral components.

Besides, fungi and yeast are also pretty problematic and unhealthy for your water boiler. To remove all these, you need to clean the water boiler on a regular basis.

How to clean a hot water boiler?

Now, in terms of cleaning, a few steps should be followed. You always need to keep the outside or exterior clean. You can just simply wipe and clean it with a rag.

For your interior, you need to use a premium solution or a descaler. Every departmental store has vinegar. They are cheap and helpful as well. Cleaning or descaling with solutions or vinegar is easy and simple.
In this article, we have a section where we showed how you can clean the inside and outside of your water boiler. Refer to that for a better understanding.


A water boiler or hot water dispenser is an important accessory in our life. As you’re using them regularly, they require proper cleaning and descaling. We’ve shown you how to clean hot water dispensers step by step in this article. Follow these steps to clean your water boiler regularly.

Maintain your hot water dispenser and always use soft water to avoid large buildups. Keep your machine safe.

Drink fresh water always.

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