How to Clean Old Whirlpool Dishwasher Filter?

Are you finding that your dishes are not as sparkling clean after running your dishwasher? If you are noticing an increase in food particles sticking to your dishes and silverware, it may be time to do a dishwasher cleaning. Many people do not realize the importance of routine maintenance to ensure that your dishwasher continues to provide the necessary cleaning power.

While it may seem like a laborious task, routine cleaning can also prevent your dishwasher from becoming damaged by oversized objects clogging the pump, therefore extending the life of your dishwasher and saving you money. One component that is especially crucial to keep clean is the dishwasher’s filter. In this article, we will provide quick and helpful step-by-step instructions on how to clean the old whirlpool dishwasher filter.

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Follow to Learn How to Clean Old Whirlpool Dishwasher Filter

Step 1: Locate Your Filter – Your old whirlpool dishwasher’s filter is located on the inside of your dishwasher on the bottom floor. You likely want to remove at least the bottom dish rack for easier access to the filter when completing the cleaning.

Step 2: Remove Your Filter – Once the filter has been identified and you have a clear path to access it, you can remove the filter from the dishwasher. To do so, hold the filter and twist it 1/4 of a rotation clockwise and then lift straight up.

Step 3: Separate the Upper and Lower Filter – Certain dishwasher models have upper and lower filter components. You will want to separate these components by gently pulling them apart.

Step 4: Rinse Filters to Clean – You will likely notice significant debris build-up in the filters, especially if this is your first time cleaning the machine or you have waited a long time in between cleanings. You can likely use a simple sink rinse to remove this build-up from the filters. However, for tougher debris or calcium build-up, you may need to use a soft brush and dish soap. You should not use anything rough to scrub the filter, such as a wire brush or scouring pad, as these items could damage the filter.

Step 5: Replace The Filter – With the cleaning done, you can return the filter to its place. You will first insert the lower filter into place, ensuring that you insert it properly under the tabs so that the upper filter will line up with the round opening in the bottom of the tub. With the lower filter properly in place, you can fit the upper filter on top. Then, with both components of the filter attached, you will rotate the filter clockwise until you feel it lock into place.

If the upper filter continues to turn clockwise, it is not securely locked. Please note, the arrows on the upper and lower components of the filter do not have to line up perfectly, what is most important is that the upper filter does not continue turning. This final check to ensure the filters are locked in place is critical. Do not run your dishwasher without first ensuring that the filters are secured in place. If a dishwasher is run with loose filter components, this can damage the dishwasher.

Important Note: If when cleaning your filters you notice that there is any damage, you should replace your filters immediately. You can order replacement parts through Whirlpool’s replacement parts site here.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Cleaned Dishwasher – You are now ready to use your dishwasher. You may want to make a note on your calendar to help you remember when you completed this recent cleaning and schedule another cleaning in the future. Many people are not sure how often to maintain a cleaning schedule. While it depends on the number of loads that you run in a given week, it is advised that dishwashers are cleaned every three to six months for a typical household and usage. The owner’s manual will be your absolute guide to your ideal cleaning frequency since some manufacturers recommend it as often as every few weeks.

While spending time to clean your dishwasher may not seem like the ideal way to spend your weekend or evening, it is important to ensure the longevity of your machine. By following our simple instructions above on how to clean and maintain your old whirlpool dishwasher filter, this process should not take as much time as one may think. If you have any additional questions or tips, feel free to add these in the comments below.

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