How to Fix Cracked Uneven Concrete Patio?

I just love the patio- The favorite place of my house.


They add some sort of aesthetic dimension to the house!

But here is the unsexy part…….

Just as with any other concrete structure, these patios will start to sink or cracks as they become older, mostly due to the obvious wear and tear or settlement or erosion.

Imagine how it could be……..if you wake up in the morning & see your perfectly looking concrete patio will start to crack or settle over time.

A trip hazard and, most importantly, an eyesore!

When this occurs, you will need to fix your patio, and learning how to fix cracked uneven concrete patio can save you a lot of money from hiring a repairman.

That’s right!

Today, I’ll be breaking down the uneven concrete patio solutions & how to cover uneven concrete patio with some minimal efforts & what to do with cracked concrete patio to make it more presentable like before.

But, why is my concrete patio cracking?

One of the biggest issues with concrete patios is they will sink or settle after some time. When they settle or sink, it occurs in uneven form and different areas of the surface, causes the patio to wobble and become unstable.

And guess what?

When the mass of the concrete is not supported evenly from below, it will result in cracks, and if you leave these cracks unattended, your patio will be a tripping hazard.

Can cracked concrete patio be repaired? What causes the concrete patio to crack?

If your concrete patio has started to show cracks, it is essential that you repair it sooner rather than later.

Whoa, whoa stop right there!!!!!!!

Today it may be just small cracks, but tomorrow it the whole patio would be down on its knees; thus, it is important to take action now.

How to fix cracked uneven concrete patio-DIY (With repairing uneven concrete cracks Hacks)?

Luckily, this is something you can do yourself, and in this article, you will find out how to fix cracked uneven concrete patio.

So How do you level cracked uneven concrete? Or how to level a sloping concrete patio?Let’s jump to the main part…….

What you need:

Step #1: Buy the suitable concrete repair product

concrete repair mix

Let me say this straight at the very first……….

Concrete surfaces are never repaired with concrete, rather with a concrete repair mix.
The mix is usually made with polymers to promote bonding properties and a fast setting. Before choosing a repair mix product, makes sure that you have evaluated the cracked patio to determine its depth, length, and depth.

Also, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Is it a horizontal or vertical repair?

Will you be required to widen the crack in order to properly repair it?

Does the patio get lots of traffic?

Is it a moving crack, or does it get larger with time? How do you fix an uneven concrete porch?

Once you have answers to those questions, you will have a variety of options when it comes to repairing material.

For this task, I recommend you use a concrete repair mix since it is easily available, and you can buy it at your local hardware or online.

Some of the options available include latex patching material, epoxy compounds as well as mortar mixes.

Mortar mixes tend to work best in filling large chipped edges or large cracks, while the other mixes are ideal for cracks 1/8 inch narrower or wide on the concrete.

Step #2: Prepare the cracked patio

 Prepare the cracked patio

Use a chisel and small hammer to eliminate any loose concrete, cracked concrete, or crumbling concrete from the crack.

Make sure you chip as deep as one inch beneath the surface plane.

Once you are done with that, rinse the surface properly, scrubbing the area with a wire brush to remove any remaining debris or lingering particles.
This process is quite dusty, and thus to help an efficient cleanup, you might need to spread a tarp below the work surface as well as wear appropriate protective gear.

Step #3: Fix your cracked uneven concrete patio

Fix your cracked uneven concrete patio

Assuming you have chosen a repair product that you like, it is time to fix your cracked uneven concrete patio. How do you fix an uneven patio?

If you chose late or epoxy, following the instructions below:

Apply latex or epoxy patching product to concrete cracks that are 1/8 inches wide. Mix it according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

The material will go on either a putty knife or mason’s trowel. Whichever the case, force the mixture all the way deep into the cracks and then smooth it level with the concrete surface.
Note that different repair mixes cure in a different way, and therefore, make sure you follow the directions on the product label or manual.

For mortar repair mix, follow the directions below:

If you are dealing with larger cracks on your concrete patio, you want to use a mortar mix. Thankfully, you can create your own mortar mix using Portland cement, water, and three parts masonry sand.

But if you feel this is a lot of work, you can always purchase one from home stores or even online.

To get started, moisten the damaged area, but do not soak it, then apply the repaired product using either a putty knife or mason’s trowel.

Make sure you remove pockets of air from the applied product by pressing down the putty knife or mason’s trowel firmly.

Last but not least, smooth the mortar mix so that it is uniform with the rest of the patio.
Allow it to cure, which should take around two hours, and then cover the repaired area using plastic sheeting to trap in the moisture.
Be sure to sprinkle some water under the plastic sheet daily for a couple of days until the surface is dried up.

Step #4: Fill cracked uneven concrete patio

If the concrete patio is cracked and uneven, use the methods below:

I. Mudjacking


Also known as slab jacking, mudjacking is a method of fixing cracked and uneven concrete surfaces by drilling a hole into the concrete and pumping mortar mix into the hole below. As the mixture hardens, it fills in the gaps left behind by settling and sinking.

You can also use solutions such as polyurethane mixture to fill the gaps beneath the concrete.

II. Concrete resurfacing

This method is a non-invasive and inexpensive process of fixing cracked and uneven concrete patio. It is also easy to administer though this method is only short-term and will just mask the underlying problem since it doesn’t address soil settling below the concrete flow.

III. Replacing concrete

Another method is replacing cracked concrete, though it is usually expensive compared to other methods, and you will need a technician.

Watch this video to improve your learning on how to fix cracked uneven concrete patio. In the same process, you can also fix cracked uneven driveway.

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