Can I Use a Grill Pan On A Glass Top Stove?

Did you know grilled foods are healthy and even add a unique taste to your meal? Yes, it is healthy especially when it comes to meat. If you want to enjoy your meal without worrying about weight gain grilling is the way to go. Grilling produces high heat levels which eliminate excess fat which drips into the fire. Hence it will have lower calories than fried meat on a pan. When it comes to flavor expect your taste buds to dance. The grilling always adds a layer of flavor, especially when using certain kinds of wood for barbeque. The woods that add flavor to your meal are oak, hickory, and maple among others.

However, If you are confused about the question can I use a grill pan on a glass top stove, find the answer. Though, you can’t use a grill pan on a glass stove. Below we’ll explain why you shouldn’t the pan and what you can use on your glass stove. Keep reading the article to discover more.

What is a grill pan?

It refers to a pan that has been designed with raised edges with grill lines. The lines are 1-2 centimeters spaced and the lines are raised about 0.5 centimeters high. Moreover, the height of the lines allows the juice from the meal to drip down. If you like to learn about Are Grill Pans Worth It, read this article.

Why you should own a grill pan?

There are various reasons why you should have a grill pan in your kitchen. The main reasons are:

Ridges for collecting fats

A grill pan has ridges that are raised at about 0.5 centimeters. This allows the juice from the meal you are preparing to drip its juice. Apart from preventing the food from boiling on its juice, you can collect the juice and use it for your sauce.

Cooking indoors

Cooking indoors is different from cooking outdoors. When barbequing outdoors you use a grill which allows the food to drip its juice into the fire. This, in turn, adds flavor to your dish and you won’t be bothered by the smoke. When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, you wouldn’t want to have smoke in the kitchen. This is why you need a pan to enjoy the same meal. Various pans can be used on all kinds of cooking surfaces and still have an impressive meal.

Your health

Your health is important; therefore you need to watch what you eat. This is why grill pans are the best. For example, when preparing meat the juice melts leaving the meat having low-fat levels. However, the utensils you use also matter. Not all grill pans you find in the market are safe to use, some are made using Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE) chemicals which are harmful to your health. Therefore when heading out to purchase one ensure it is PFOA and PFTE-free.

Saves Time

Grilling pans come in a round or a square cushion shape which gives one a large surface to cook. Hence, you can prepare your vegetables and meat at a go without having to wash the pan each time. This saves you time when cooking.

Can I Use a Grill Pan On A Glass Top Stove?

No, you can’t use a grill pan on a glass-top stove because the glass-top stove is prone to scratching. This is because the pan is made from cast iron which will leave a mark or a scratch when done cooking. Tough the pan might be light and easy to hold it is made from cast iron. The iron is tough and durable hence it will serve you for a while. But immediately after the pan is placed on the glass stove, it leaves a mark. Yes, cast iron is ideal for searing food, but it is not good for your stove.

Furthermore, the cast iron grill pan is built to withstand high temperatures and even heat to cook food evenly. When cooking using the pan you’ll always be turning up the heat which damages the glass stovetop over time. Plus the pan ends up damaging the heating elements on the stove. Therefore we recommend using a flimsy pan since it is durable, strong, and scratch-resistant.

Grill Pan Buyers Guide

Before ordering a grill pan for your glass stove there are certain things one must consider. This is what determines how durable your glass stove will be. Plus this prevents it from getting scratched or breaking. Here are the things to look out for in a grill pan for your glass stove.

1. Weight

The weight of your grill pan matters a lot when it comes to using it on a glass stove. The weight of a pan is determined by the material used to make it. Most grill pans are made from cast iron which is quite heavy. Now picture adding a chunk of meat to the pan, how heavy will the pan be? If the pan has a lot of mass including the meat added, there will be a lot of pressure exacted on the stove. This might break the glass top rendering the stove useless. Therefore, pick an item that has been made from lighter materials such as stainless steel or titanium.

2. Size

The size of your grill pan determines the time you will use to prepare the meal. Having a large pan gives you a chance to grill different foods at once which saves you time. Besides, when it comes to a glass stove the burner is usually small than the pan. Hence, if you have a large pan it will take time for the food to cook properly. This is because the pan needs to have heat distributed evenly for the food to cook. Therefore, pick a pan that is slightly bigger than your burner.

3. Material

The material used to make the pan also plays a vital role. Cast iron grills are heavy hence they tend to retain and trap heat underneath their surface. Though, this is a good thing if you are using it in a different grill not the glass stove. The heat being retained is dangerous for a glass stovetop. This is because the heat retained buildup and becomes too much for the glass which cracks it.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a grill pan for your glass stove, this is the article for you. Not all the pans in the market are perfect for your stove. You can never use a cast iron grill pan on the stove. We recommend using titanium or stainless steel grill pans to prevent the glass top from cracking or scratching.

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