How to Clean Cast Iron Dutch Oven in 5 Minutes!!!

You might use some of the best Dutch oven for bread baking. “Cleaning a rusty cast iron dutch oven is a nightmare” Right? Let me take a wild guess, you have tried a lot to clean it, but you can’t get perfect results. You’re not alone honey!!! It’s just a common classic scenario every cast iron dutch oven owner dealt with. That’s why today I thought to go for a chit-chat with you about some of the tips & tricks about how to clean cast iron dutch oven. Sounds fun?

Let’s dive in…………

How to clean cast iron dutch oven?

Cast Iron ovens are sensitive (especially the seasoning cast iron dutch oven).

Don’t even try to deny it!!!!!!

So you have to do the cleaning process with a lot of care. How do you clean a cast-iron Dutch oven for the first time? Here are simple guidelines to follow to learn how to clean cast iron dutch oven:

Step 1: Let it be cool

First & foremost….Let me say this straight:

Once you have cooked your required food in the cast iron dutch oven, you see food stuck with the oven.

Do not deal with it too fast……. allow it to cool down for some time to make sure that it is cool enough that you can handle it by hand.

Simply Take out your food and set it aside for 30 to 40 minutes to cool down.

Step 2: Remove the food leftover that sticks to the oven

Most of us depend only on water and soaps to clean (so did I).

But before washing it, you should use a scraper to remove the food leftover that sticks to the oven. It is good to use a metal scraper and gently scrap the food residuals from the dutch oven inside.

You may find it easier when the pan is hot, but it is risky for your hands that you may burn.
But do not worry; it will quickly remove the food residuals from the oven. Avoid using sharp and knife-type scrapers; they may harm your cast iron dutch oven surface.

Step 3: Run the oven under hot water

Once you have done the scraping of food residuals, run the oven under hot water, it is easy to clean the cast iron cookware with hot water. Take a soft washcloth and wipe down all the pan surfaces gently.

But first warning:

Do not need to use any soap, steel wool, or scouring pad; it may damage the cast iron seasoning. If you want to get rid of microbes, you can also do that by heating it on the stove again to kill the bacteria and other germs.

Step 4: Dry entirely on the stove and heat until smoking

Dry your cast iron dutch oven entirely on the stove and heat them until the oven starts smoking. It will ensure that water is correctly evaporated from the oven surface and now it is completely dry. It will protect the cast iron dutch oven from rusting.

It’s easier than you think!

After drying the oven, place it on medium heat and give it a small layer of seasoning. It is good to keep a small jar of lard on hand for seasoning the oven.

Step 5: Apply coating of fat or oil

For your oven’s proper functioning and maintenance, you should ensure that you have cleaned the fat coating or anything like oil. Allow seasoning with oil or fat material to ensure that your oven will remain protected from humidity until the next use.

After applying the coating of fat or oil, clean it with a soft towel or paper towel. You have done it, now your cast iron dutch oven is clean, and you can store it at some safe place for later use.

And Bingooooooooo,,,, we’re done! Hope you have learned about how to clean cast iron dutch oven.

Don’t forget to follow these Precautions!!!!

The simple truth is…….Some common mistakes may damage your cast iron oven look and quality. So for better maintenance, avoid following things while cleaning any cast iron cookware, especially your dutch oven.

  • Do not take out the hot cast iron oven; leave it for some time to become cool before cleaning.
  • Never put your cast iron dutch oven underwater when it is hot; it may cause cracking or wrapping of your cast iron oven.
  • Avoid soaking your cast iron dutch oven in water.
  • Never use abrasive materials to clean cast iron cookware
  • Do not allow your cast iron dutch oven in the dishwasher
  • Never store the oven in an unprotected place
  • Always dry the oven in the store, do not allow it to dry in the open air

Can you use a metal scrubber or steel wool to clean the cast iron oven?

You can use it only if you ensure that the metal scrubber does not have sharp edges for scraping the food residuals. But if not possible, then only use the recommended and specific cast iron dutch oven scrubber to remove the stuck residue of food.
Only use the steel or metal scrubber while removing the rust before re-seasoning, and never use it after that.

Can you ruin a cast iron Dutch oven? In a blink,,,,,just leave it with the seasoning at about 800°F & see what happens(of course at your own risk).

Can I leave food in my cast iron dutch oven overnight?

Well,,,,,It depends.

Here is why:

Suppose you have an enameled cast iron dutch oven; it may be possible to leave it overnight at room temperature. But if you do not have an enameled cast iron oven, do not leave food in the oven overnight. There are many reasons to say no.

If you have cooked the acidic food in the oven, it will react with the seasoning surface of the dutch oven and will cause patchy seasoning. You leave the wet food, it will cause moisture, and you know well how dangerous the wetness is for the cast iron.

It is recommended to clean it after cooking to get proper performance and enjoy the real cast iron features with a long lifespan.

Why do your cast iron dutch ovens look blotchy?

It happens when you use too much oil, you will end with an uneven seasoning on your dutch oven. Because too much oil prevents the polymerization process from working, that may cause the uneven coating of seasoning on the cast iron dutch oven surface.

What is the easiest way to clean cast iron?

And How many times do you season a cast-iron skillet? While you need to apply oil seasoning, apply a thin layer of oil and use more oil if you see there is a need to apply some more oil on the cast iron surface.


Cast iron dutch ovens are the perfect piece in our kitchen utilities that allow us to cook many foods. But once you have cooked the food, it is necessary to clean the cast iron oven properly. Its cleaning is different from cleaning other kitchen items.

How to clean a rusty cast iron dutch oven? Follow the above simple guidelines to get a proper solution on how to clean cast iron dutch oven.

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